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Wise advise – not just for designers but for those looking to get their site designed by a web developer. Arm yourself with knowledge and you and your designer will be on the same wavelength from the start.

Follow these 10 practical pieces of web design advice and make your good website, great! Ensure you give your visitors the best experience while on your site.

Source: 10 Powerful Tweaks for a First Class Website | JUST™ Creative

ARGH! Adobe you are really starting to annoy me.

Oh why oh why produce a lovely user friendly website design package for dummies like me who only love doing the visual bits, but then leave us in the cold when it comes to publishing the site? I’ve been trying to sort out the email issues with my new website (and sites I’ve done for clients as well) so that I can use the email address that I set up through Domain Allies (who I have the domain name registered with) but now I have no idea how I can use that email with the Business Catalyst hosting. I’m soooooo frustrated and annoyed and really just want to scream very loudly.

Please Adobe, sort this out. Make the second phase of the job as easy as the first and have pity on those of us who you were attempting to cater for with the Muse package. Don’t do it half-heartedly, do it properly or at least offer some support that doesn’t require waiting days for forum responses.

Yes I’m tired of this issue, and yes I’m really going to think about not using Muse anymore. Very annoyed about that, because I actually like it.

What the hell do I do with an A record? Where do I point it to, blah de blah. Do I know what I’m talking about? NO! Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 10.25.05

My First Muse Website – Beauty of Beads

My first Muse website is about to go live. Working for my client Marian, has been a great experience. Marian is a jewellery maker, working from her home studio and producing some lovely pieces for both adults and children. After finishing Marian’s branding for her business, I moved onto creating her website and it has been a great experience. She has been lovely to work with and thankfully she is happy with my work.

When I first discovered Muse I was incredibly excited. Adobe had finally produced just the thing that I needed to get me through the web design jungle. It’s not like I’m cheating by not having to write code, it definitely helps to have some knowledge of web coding if you want to understand just how it’s working and you also need to be reasonably proficient with the use of their other products. With this software and some working knowledge of other Adobe products, you can make something that is unique to your client rather than using ready prepared templates.

It’s been a rather long learning experience, but I can safely say that I’m getting the hang of how Muse works. I’m looking forward to updating my own website as well as starting work on two more sites for new clients over the next couple of months. I’ll be publishing Marian’s site tomorrow, so I’ll add a link to it once it goes live. Any feedback would be great – good or bad – I can take the pain of constructive criticism if it means I can improve on my skills and put that into my future work.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of the front page of the site…

Beauty of Beads Website
Beauty of Beads Website – front page