Record Store Day & The One Show

It was National Record Store Day on the 16.04.16 and even though I haven’t played any of my rather minuscule collection of records for many years, it was something that gave me such a feeling of warm fuzziness  inside. The pleasure of those youthful moments spent in the local record shop in my home town of Wangaratta seemingly a millennium ago, but as memorable as if it was yesterday. Dislocation, owned by local Tim Dickinson, was only a small shop, but as a teenager it was one of my go to places for an escape from my nagging mother. Somewhere to be me, enjoy whatever  music I wanted to without being asked “what’s that rubbish you’re listening to?”. (I’m sure I’m not the only one who experienced that and I must confess to now having to restrain myself to not say the same to my teenage kids every now and then. Mind you, I like most of their music, just can’t get my head round the rap stuff that my son insists on listening to sometimes.)

Skip to thirty years later and my collection of records are still in the box they’ve been in since leaving home to go to uni back in the mid 80’s. No record players to be seen in our student houses back then, it was all cassette tapes and ghetto blasters – not a ‘ghetto’ to be seen in Ballarat as such, but nevertheless, we all had our own versions of the said beasts.

My recent connection with this celebration of all things vinyl came quite out of the blue when I noticed a Tweet from the BBC One programme, The One Show. A current affairs/human interest programme that is aired live every evening at 7pm on BBC One. They were preparing a piece for National Record Store Day to be aired on Tuesday 19.04.16, asking for people who’d attempted to recreate a classic album cover, like the one that the other hugely successful BBC One programme Dr Who recreated. The classic Beatles cover for Abbey Road, replacing the Beetles with Daleks, the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his companion (Jenna Coleman).


When I saw this, I just had to send them a few examples of a calendar I produced back in 2013 for one of the players of Northampton Rugby Club, Paul Diggin. It was Paul’s Testimonial year and the calendar was to be produced to raise money for his named charity based in Northampton called Niamh’s Next Step – raising money to fund research into childhood Neuroblastoma – an incredibly worthwhile charity to be able to help.

I was thrilled when The One Show contacted me via Twitter to say they were potentially going to feature one of my pieces of artwork. So excited! I posted my news to every social media platform that I use and got such a lovely response from friends and family worldwide. Not only did they show my work, but they chose the Take That album cover for Progress – to say I’m a die hard fan from their first time round, is an understatement. (Pretty chuffed about that – needless to say, it was one of my favourite months of the calendar.)


Thanks to the lovely Alex Jones & Matt Baker and the production team at The One Show for making my day. Also to all my lovely friends for your kind words of support.

Alex & Matt – presenters of The One Show

It’s little spontaneous moments like this that really make me smile and realise that no matter what, there are so many more wonderful things happening in my life and kind people to share them with that the crap stuff is simply blown out of the way.

Now all I need is for some exciting new clients to contact me for some more freelance graphic design work. That would make the perfect cover to my own favourite album!

Please feel free to contact me for any of your design needs or to just leave a comment -hopefully a nice one! I’d love to hear from you.


Well here it is, another year…

What will 2013 have in store for us? No Jubilee, no Olympics and hopefully no major natural disasters. I must say, I’m quite looking forward to this year, not really sure why, I just feel it’s going to be different with lots of positive business challenges and opportunities.

What about Resolutions? They are always a bit of a sore point for me, I make them in my head and mostly don’t stick to them. By keeping them in my head, it’s only me who gets annoyed when they aren’t fulfilled. There is one that I would like to share and that is my determination to get my business heading in a direction that provides greater security for me and my wonderful children. I’d love to find a contract that would offer me regular work, something that I can rely upon every month and proudly fulfill. Being freelance has many benefits, working my own hours, fitting work in around my life, rather than the other way round, being able to work from the comfort of my lovely little home on a daily basis. However, it would also be nice to know that every month I have a job to do that guarantees financial security.

One thing I really want to get my teeth into is social media. My first experience of social media and graphics crossing paths was a fortunate opportunity that came my way via local recruitment firm Ten2Two. When they contacted me back in May last year to see if I could do some web banners for a Royal Mail group, Simple Ways To Grow, it became the first of many small jobs for me. I went on to produce their Facebook & Twitter graphics (covers/header/profile pics), a printed brochure for their products and an e-brochure to be viewed through their website. A very exciting, new and useful opportunity to gain knowledge of yet another area of design.  I now feel I could easily provide a range of clients with reasonably priced options for their social media platforms and hope to move into this on a grander scale this year.

I’m really hoping that I can move forward with web design, social media and other such digital options in the coming months and look forward to getting out there and marketing myself in a different way. Joining a networking group will hopefully help with this. Once a month I’ll be meeting with other local business people at what must be the most un-intimidating  network group around – An Afternoon In The Pub. No shoving business cards down each others throats, no standing up for 1 minute singing my praises and trying to find something interesting to talk about. Just a casual meeting to see what other people are doing, see if we can help each other out in anyway and even indulge in a sociable glass of wine. My perfect sort of networking group.

So, for 2013 I’ll be marketing, networking, working hard at expanding my business and above all and why I do all this, looking after my beautiful children. Bring it on! I’m looking for a challenge and hopefully this year will offer me plenty of positive ones.

Happy New Year!