If your tap starts dripping, you get a plumber in. If you need a poster or website designed, you get a designer. I pride myself on offering a thorough service, I listen to my client’s needs and I prepare a brief to ensure that I understand exactly what you want. My prices reflect my professionalism, my creative abilities and knowledge. I won’t be offended if you have a ‘friend who can do it for nothing’ for you, I simply won’t or can’t compete with that.

I track all my time electronically and am able to provide you with reports of how my time is spent if necessary. My billable time includes all correspondence  – phone calls, emails, text messages etc.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to pay for a professional job, or the freebie from a friend. Please don’t expect anything for free, I need to eat!


Web Design:

I can design you website for you from as little as £1000.00 for four pages.* If you need any e-commerce options for your site, I can sort you out with a Shopify site that you can easily manage yourself with a little initial help and support from myself.

*Due to recent developments (or more to the point – lack of developments) my website option is on hold until I find a new solution for website design. See my post entitled “Bye Bye Muse” for a full explanation.


Social Media:

Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. If you dread the mention of Social Media then let me set up your various platforms of choice and help you get started. It’s a case of once you start you’ll realise just how easy it really is. Alternatively, if you really don’t want to even consider tackling a daily dose of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, let me do it for you. Prices for my Social Media services are based on what you need, I’ll work out a price that suits your needs and allows you to keep a hold on your marketing budget.

My set-up costs include all your imagery (cover and profile images), designed specially for you. I use the colour palettes & typefaces that are associated with your brand and ensure a professional, fresh, contemporary look.



Business Card Design: from £100.00
Letterhead Design: from £80.00
Comp Slip Design: from £80.00

Stationery package including Business Card, Letterhead & Comp Slip: from £200.00


Posters & Flyers:

A price for any design you require will be negotiated depending on its complexity and research required.

For example, a three fold flyer will require time to set a template, add copy then make amendments. A reasonable price for this would be £200.00 per day and will possibly take up to two days as a starting point. It maybe completed within that time frame, but this will depend on the amendments required and effective communication between myself and my client.

A brief will be set for you to agree a price and timescale before the design process begins. Added elements such as stock photos will be itemised according to client agreement.

Posters & flyers can be designed in any size, from a very small A6 advertising flyer to motorway billboard size. Any bespoke size is possible, depending on your requirements.

In general, charges for either of these products would be £60.00 per hour or £200.00 per day – whichever works out most cost effective for my client.

Your requirements will vary the cost and will determine whether it is more appropriate to request a daily or hourly rate.



Bespoke Service:

If you would like help with ideas for a unique party invitation or packaging for a new product, a special gift for a loved one or poster campaign for your business, or maybe just something that might help set you apart from your competitors, your first step is to get in touch. We’ll discuss your requirements so that all possiblities can be explored and the result achieved simply and within the time scale you require.

Starting with £60.00 per hour for the first four hours or £200.00 per day, all your needs for that special design can be yours.

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