Oh why oh why produce a lovely user friendly website design package for dummies like me who only love doing the visual bits, but then leave us in the cold when it comes to publishing the site? I’ve been trying to sort out the email issues with my new website (and sites I’ve done for clients as well) so that I can use the email address that I set up through Domain Allies (who I have the domain name registered with) but now I have no idea how I can use that email with the Business Catalyst hosting. I’m soooooo frustrated and annoyed and really just want to scream very loudly.

Please Adobe, sort this out. Make the second phase of the job as easy as the first and have pity on those of us who you were attempting to cater for with the Muse package. Don’t do it half-heartedly, do it properly or at least offer some support that doesn’t require waiting days for forum responses.

Yes I’m tired of this issue, and yes I’m really going to think about not using Muse anymore. Very annoyed about that, because I actually like it.

What the hell do I do with an A record? Where do I point it to, blah de blah. Do I know what I’m talking about? NO! Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 10.25.05

Posted by:CathieDesigns

After many years of wishing I could be successful in a profession that I actually enjoyed, I embarked on a new career as a Graphic Designer. By gaining a BA(hons)Graphic Design in 2009 I have realised my dream of being part of the creative industry. In my capacity as designer I listen to my clients needs, suggest practical solutions and aspire to portray their business in a professional and creative manner. I am competitive with my prices as I like to stay affordable for smaller businesses like myself. However, this doesn't mean I compromise on the quality of my work. I pride myself with being a bit of a perfectionist and would only ever give 100% to every project I take on. I'll be honest with you if I feel I'm not the right person for the job. I know what I'm good, but equally I know where my skills might not be as strong for what you need. There is no point me telling you I can help, then turn around it three months time and say, sorry, I can't do that. I have many contacts within the design industry who will have skills that I can't deliver and I'll happily recommend them to you if I feel I can't help. Please contact me for any web design, Shopify e-commerce site, digital marketing & graphics work you might need - I enjoy a challenge and will gladly take on any job, big or small

2 replies on “ARGH! Adobe you are really starting to annoy me.

  1. Hey Cathie 🙂 Your e-mail should be included in your web hosting package… I’ve never used Muse or business catalyst before, but it sounds like they don’t offer e-mail with their web hosting which is a bit mad. Changing A records should be quite easy and you’ll need to get in contact with ‘Domain Allies’ to do this. But obv if the web hosting company don’t offer support for e-mail there’s not a lot of point. Sounds a bit weird really. I don’t know if it helps, but I’m with pixelinternet.co.uk and they offer websites with unlimited bandwidth, 1GB of space, 1,000 mailboxes and lots more for about £20 a year. It’s pretty good and that’s where I host my sites. You also get 1 linux database so can host WordPress if needed.
    Anyway, hope you get it sorted! Lemme know if you need any help x


  2. Hi Kay,

    Lovely to hear from you. I should have thought to give you a shout about this, you’re so much more savvy with web stuff than I am – having youth on your side certainly helps.

    The Business Catalyst WebBasics doesn’t include any email facility, you have to upgrade to WebBasics+ to get that, which of course costs extra. I’m using the Adobe BC platform as it’s easy for me to upload the Muse websites directly to it, but as you have read I’m not having such an ‘easy’ time sorting it out. Domain Allies are proving to be a bit rubbish with regard to the emails I purchased from them, as I can’t even use them unless they host the site. Basically it’s a major headache. I’m spending so much time trying to sort it out, it’s all very frustrating. I’m hoping I’ll get it sorted soon. I’m thinking of ditching the Domain Allies email addresses and paying for the upgrade with BC. Just for an easy life.

    So much for Muse being my saviour, I think there’s a lot of ironing out Adobe need to do to make it the ‘user-friendly’ platform they market it as.

    Hope life’s good with you. I may be giving you a call soon.



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