Muse or WordPress?

After much frustration with the publishing side of Adobe Muse I’m thinking about switching entirely to using WordPress to build simple sites for my clients. The support from Adobe has been a hair-tearing time, waiting for their experts to come back to me with answers to questions takes far too long when you need to find an answer immediately. I’m bored with it and disappointed that Adobe haven’t thought about the post publishing side of things, considering Muse was set up to cater for those of us who do not want to worry about the nitty-gritty of coding etc.

When I first discovered Muse I thought all my dreams had come true, a web design package that allows me to be a designer not a techie. I wouldn’t have to worry about what goes on in the background, I could just concentrate on making my sites look good and work the way I want them to work. But when it comes to publishing it all reverts back to needing to be a whizz at all the background stuff. I simply don’t understand and I want answers quick. Yes I am a little impatient when things don’t work like they should.

I love the sites I’ve created with Muse and my clients have been really happy with them too, but the niggling little things that spoil the experience are pushing me away. Help me Adobe! If you’re going to create a package for us designers who don’t want to think about the coding side of life, give us the whole package.

Hello WordPress, I’m looking forward to becoming very friendly with you!ImageImageImage

9 thoughts on “Muse or WordPress?

  1. So, how is your switch to WordPress going? I am trying to decide how deep into WordPress I am willing to go, to determine just how much can I design (revise existing templates) with just a bit of code editing.


      1. Hi Graham.

        I’ve been using Muse for just over a year now and love it. I’m yet to really get into WordPress, but have just purchased some templates to have a play around with for both Muse and WordPress. With Muse it’s really easy to just start from scratch and build your own templates, but it’s also good to give other people’s ideas a try sometimes, I always learn something new whenever I do. If you’re a Creative Cloud subscriber, Muse comes with the monthly subscription along with every other Adobe product. I’m sticking with Muse for now, but will definitely endeavour adding WordPress to my skill set in the near future. Hope that helps.



      2. I stopped spending money with Adobe after I bought CS4. Didn’t seem to be any point.
        But I’ve come to the conclusion that DreamWeaver is dead in the water with everyone wanting sites like Amazon, eBay, John Lewis and the BBC!
        So it has to be a CMS system that anyone can contribute to. My design skills (I began in 1977) now are mainly as a consultant and for the company where I am Marketing Manager.
        Thanks for the response. I may go with WordPress now there is an English version (Queen’s English).


    1. Hi Jo,

      Sorry for taking so long to reply, I’ve only just noticed your message (shows how often I actually use my WordPress site). If I’m honest I love using Muse, once you get the hang of it, which doesn’t take long if you’re already using other Adobe products, it’s a great tool for those of us who don’t want to bother with the technical coding side of things. I’ll be adding WordPress to my skill set eventually too as I think it’s good to be able to offer my clients a choice.
      Good luck.



    2. Hi Jo,

      Apologies for takings so long to reply, I’m a bit rubbish at keeping up to date on my blog. A case of too busy working for other people to do my own.

      Basically I’ve got used to using Muse now and as I subscribe to the Creative Suite it makes I’m familiar with the interface and they all work well together. I also love the simplicity of being able to publish sites straight to Business Catalyst. Although I haven’t got my head around all the techie jargon, don’t think I ever will, but it’s simple enough for me to use without too much hassle. The more you use these things the easier it gets.

      I think being able to offer both platforms is a good thing and one that I endeavour to be able to do at some stage. Again it’s finding the time to become an ‘expert’ in yet another programme.

      Good luck. Hope that helps. Let me know how you get on.



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