RTS Christmas E-Card 2011

RTS Waste Management Christmas E-Card 2011

I was recently commissioned to produce an e-card for RTS Waste Management in London. They required a Christmas Card that they could email to their clients, rather than post – a message in itself, being the sort of business they are in. The e-card option saves on paper, postage and is a quick way of getting your message to your clients. The e-card can be easily edited if necessary, i.e. if you need to have different versions for different clients. It is an effective and simple option to the traditional Christmas card and shows commitment to good practice with regard to environmental issues.

RTS allowed me to produce something that I thought would be appropriate for their business, but with some guidelines to follow regarding some of the imagery and the text that they required. They were happy with the end result, which is always the most rewarding thing about producing anything for any client.

Get in touch if your business needs an e-card for any occasion.

Posted by:CathieDesigns

After many years of wishing I could be successful in a profession that I actually enjoyed, I embarked on a new career as a Graphic Designer. By gaining a BA(hons)Graphic Design in 2009 I have realised my dream of being part of the creative industry. In my capacity as designer I listen to my clients needs, suggest practical solutions and aspire to portray their business in a professional and creative manner. I am competitive with my prices as I like to stay affordable for smaller businesses like myself. However, this doesn't mean I compromise on the quality of my work. I pride myself with being a bit of a perfectionist and would only ever give 100% to every project I take on. I'll be honest with you if I feel I'm not the right person for the job. I know what I'm good, but equally I know where my skills might not be as strong for what you need. There is no point me telling you I can help, then turn around it three months time and say, sorry, I can't do that. I have many contacts within the design industry who will have skills that I can't deliver and I'll happily recommend them to you if I feel I can't help. Please contact me for any web design, Shopify e-commerce site, digital marketing & graphics work you might need - I enjoy a challenge and will gladly take on any job, big or small

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    1. Thanks! Sorry I’m not very active on my blog, a consequence of not much time to devote to my own personal stuff – too busy working for others, which can only be a good thing. I’ll try to make more effort in future so you have a reason to check back for more of my ramblings.


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