Another week gone…

Well, it’s the end of another busy week. Busy doing what? Goodness knows, but I always find that I’ve no time for anything else. A bit of work, paid & unpaid this week. Am working on my lovely daughter’s school Christmas Bazaar programme and  fundraising recipe book. Although these are both unpaid work, it is nice to produce something that I have completely free reign with the design. Without going overboard I also set myself a few little learning curves when doing freebies as it gives me the opportunity to experiment a bit and try out a few new things. Non-paying clients are a good thing sometimes, but of course don’t pay the bills.

Also been busy with more decluttering, got rid of my old PowerMac G4 – it was a very good friend and got me through two of my four years doing me Graphics Degree, but it was time we parted so onto Gumtree it went. Needless to say, it was a bargain and was snapped up quickly. It’s nice to know it’s gone to a good home for some little kids to discover the wonders of Apple. Always good to introduce youngsters to the world of Apple, such a nice place!

A few thoughts about Christmas shopping entered my mind on the odd occasion and even the tedious card writing task was given a fleeting moment of brain space. The decision on that will probably end up  being as it has been for the past x number of years, don’t write cards. I’m all for saving the planet so my little bit of laziness is my contribution to global survival. No cards = fewer trees lopped. Another e-card a day before the big event again I suspect. Watch this space!

Must sign off  now, off to watch my darling children swoosh down the slopes at the Snow Centre. Have a great weekend.

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