Breakfast on the very high terrace overlooking Copacabana Beach.
Breakfast on the very high terrace overlooking Copacabana Beach.

Rio de Janeriro – what a fabulous place, beautiful and little bit scary. 12th floor apartment, doesn’t do my fear of heights any good, but still managing to appreciate the beautiful view of Sugar Loaf Mountain & Copacabana Beach below, without actually looking down. Weather a bit crappy today, unfortunately not quite beach weather, but enjoying just relaxing and not doing much.

Had a fab day yesterday, went to the ‘Hippy Market’ in the afternoon, then a lovely long stroll along the beautiful, sandy Ipanema Beach with my lovely man.

Hippy Market, Rio De Janeiro
Hippy Market, Rio De Janeiro
David & I at Delerium Tremems, for a beer tasting evening
David & I at Delerium Tremems, for a beer tasting evening








In the evening we had the pleasure of being entertained at a great bar called Delirium Tremens – we were delighted with the wonders of beer, with our own beer sommelier called Andrea, and 5 very different and actually quite yummy beers. What she didn’t know about beer, isn’t worth knowing. I’ve almost a converted beer drinker – almost because the beers she introduced us too were in the most part, fabulous, but not necessarily widely available in the UK. Will definitely keep my eyes open for them.

Today is cloudy, been raining overnight, but still very warm. Just chilling this morning, but hopefully doing a bit of sightseeing later – probably Sugar Loaf Mountain and Corcovado (or the ‘big Jesus’as my son keeps calling it). Can’t come to Rio and not tick them off.  Signing off now, more soon.

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