On Sunday my lovely young friend Fran and I are off to Handmade London (http://www.homemadelondon.com/”) to do a fabulous workshop being run by Domestic Sluttery (http://www.domesticsluttery.com/”). We’ll be taking part in the following:

1. The Last Post – Love letters.

Write them, talk about them, receive one from the person sat next to you. This mini event will bring out the romantic in you. http://murderedthealphabet.tumblr.com/

2.  Book binding – make your own secret notebook.

Want to practice scribbling your signature for when you’re famous? Put your to-do lists somewhere pretty? Then you’ll need your very own notebook for secret penmanship and doodling – the Homemade London team will show you how.

3. Domestic Sluttery talk correspondence.

The Domestic Sluttery team and special guests talk about their favourite letters (their own, and famed ones throughout history), and discuss what makes a good letter and why we enjoy getting them so much. Bring your own letters if you’d like to join in and read them out. http://www.domesticsluttery.com/

What a lovely  way to spend a couple of hours on a child-free Sunday. Can’t wait.

Posted by:CathieDesigns

After many years of wishing I could be successful in a profession that I actually enjoyed, I embarked on a new career as a Graphic Designer. By gaining a BA(hons)Graphic Design in 2009 I have realised my dream of being part of the creative industry. In my capacity as designer I listen to my clients needs, suggest practical solutions and aspire to portray their business in a professional and creative manner. I am competitive with my prices as I like to stay affordable for smaller businesses like myself. However, this doesn't mean I compromise on the quality of my work. I pride myself with being a bit of a perfectionist and would only ever give 100% to every project I take on. Please contact me for any web design, digital marketing & graphics work you might need - I enjoy a challenge and will gladly take on any job, big or small

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