Went to see the Inbetweeners movie last night. Thankfully I went with my friend Clare who very honestly said to me that she’d like to see it with me as she knew that I’d get it and neither of us would feel like we were watching it with our teenage children (who would be mortified watching said film with their Mum) or far too proper adult friends. We giggled at the teenage uncertainties and testosterone fueled conversations and cringed at the awkward ‘boy chatting up girl’ moments, in equal measures. I can’t say it was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen, nor was it my usual choice of film to see in a cinema (more the ‘wait til it comes out on dvd’ type actually), but it was fun, we had a laugh. Then as we were leaving the reality of going through the next few years with our 13 year old boys hit us. Surely the film touched on reality, but please someone tell me, it’s not really that bad is it? I do have vague memories of my teenage years & 20’s, all fun and many mad times but really, do kids really have conversations like that when the big bad adults aren’t around. I’m sure I did, it’s just far too long ago to remember.

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